42BYG Stepper Motor

Manufacturer: Makeblock
SKU: 81042

The Video User Guide of Stepper Motor and Me 2H Microstep Driver V1.0     Specifications: PHASE : 2PHASE STEP ANGLE : 1.8+-5%°/STEP RATED VOLTAGE : 12V CURRENT : 1.7A/PHASE RESISRANCE : 1.5+-10%/PHASE INDUCRANCE : 2.8+-20%mH/PHASE HOLDING TORQUE : 40N.cm Min DETENT TORQUE : 2.2N.cm Max INSULATION CLASS : B LEAD STYLE : AWG26 UL1007 ROTOR TORQUE : 54G.cm2   Size Charts: step-motor1.jpg   Demo: step-motor01.jpg   img-6020-.jpg The Stepper Motor Braket is not included.   81042.jpg   Connection Type   May you are confusing about which color cable on the stepper motor should be connected to which port on the driver (A+,A-, B+,B-), Here is a guide of it   1. Ourstepper motorhas two phase. So it doesn't matter you change the connection order between phase A and phase B. Which I mean Black and Green could be connected to A orB, Red and Blue could be connected to B or A. And yes, it would change the motor direction.   2, And, A+:Black A+:Green A-:Green or A-: Black Both of the connection type are OK.   3, There is only one rule you need to follow, which is you can't mix them together.   For example, this kind of connection type is wrong, it would make damage to the motor. A+:Red A-: Black B+:Blue B-:Green   Documents:  

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