445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Module Engraver Pack

SKU: 98006


  • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy, anodized with black color
  • Point-like light source, with adjustable focus (adjust using fingers)
  • Can be used to engrave or burn plastic, wood materials, balloons, etc.
  • Can shine linear light beam up to distance > 5000m
  • Long-lasting lifespan: 6000h

The 445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Module Engraver Pack not only comes with the laser module used for creative engraving but is also specially equipped with relevant parts such as safety goggles, installation bracket, and screws, allowing you to use the laser quickly and safely with ease.


What's Included

  • 4×White Nylon Cable Tie 1.9*100
  • 4×M3*8 Cross Head screw
  • 1×Laser Module Engraver Pack Warning Card
  • 1×Acrylic Bracket
  • 1×Orange Power Plug 3.96-2P
  • 1×Interchangeable Screwdriver
  • 1×Velcro Sticker Pad 50*160mm
  • 1×Safety Goggles
  • 4×M4*8 Semi-round Hexagon Screw
  • 1×3*6 Right Angle Bracket
  • 1×445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Module


  • Φ33mm X 79mm


  • Output Power: 1.6W
  • Best Engraving Distance: 20-50mm
  • Light Spot Precision: ≤1mm
  • Focus Mode: Adjustable Focal Distance
  • Damage Ratio of Lens: 10%
  • Actual Light Power: 1.3W
  • Wavelength: 445nm
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V ± 30%
  • Operating Current: 600mA
  • Diameter Of Beam: 5mm
  • Light Spot | Divergence Angle: ≤1°
  • Light Spot | Concentricity: ≤0.02°
  • Continuous Working Hours: ≤5h
  • Operating Life: 6000 Industrial Hours
  • Engraving Materials: Dark Flammable Objects
  • Laser Level: IV (Caution: DO NOT directly irradiate eye or skin with the laser beam over 50mW.)
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ 50℃
  • Storage Temperature: -50℃ ~ 60℃