57BYG Stepper Motor

Manufacturer: Makeblock
SKU: 81057

Description: Makeblock 57BYG Stepper Motor has higher torque and better response speed than 42 stepper motor.  With Makeblock 57BYG Stepper Motor Braket, they may be easy to connet to Makeblock structural components.   Fetures: • high output torque • low noise • low power consumption   Specification: Weight: 700 g Motor length: 56mm Output shaft length: 8mm D shaft Pin count: 4 Step Angle (degrees) :1.8° Holding Torque : 1.2N.m Phase current : 2.8A   Size Charts(mm): 81057-size.png   Demo:  62040-d2.jpg81057-d1-new.png     81057.jpg