Beam0412-220-L5-Blue (4-Pack)

Manufacturer: Makeblock
SKU: 60726

What Are Beams?

Beams are the most frequently-used parts of Makeblock platform which can be used to build all kinds of mechanical structures. Beam 0412 series is usually applied as linking-rod parts and comes with different length varying from 36mm to 236mm for various building needs.

Versatile Usage

• Works perfectly with Plastic Gear, Timing Pulley, other wheel-related parts, and motor shafts; • Build various linking-rod structures thru different combinations; • Can be used with angular sensor to enables angle feedback between 2 linking-rod parts; • Equipped with slots for easy and flexible connection with Beam 0808 & 0824.

Design & Material

• Compatible with most Makeblock motions and structure components; • Made from heavy-duty 6061 aluminum extrusion with anodized surface for long-time use; • With 4mm diameter through-holes on 16mm increments.

What's L5?

The L5 refer to the 5th hole from left of Beam 0412-220 L5. This hole comes with diameter of 8mm while the rest of the holes are with diameter of 4mm. The 8mm hole enables you to insert bearings, hence working with the shaft.


This page is for Beam 0412-220 with length of 220mm. For other configuration, please search Beam 0412 in our website.

Building Examples:

Size Chart (mm):


SKU 60726
Material 6061 Aluminum
Diameter of holes 4mm & 8mm
Cross-section area 4 x 12mm
Length 220mm
Package content 4 x Beam 0412-220 L5
Dimension 220 x 12 x 4mm (8.66 x 0.47 x 0.16'')
Net Weight 82.4g (2.91oz)