Me Micro Switch B

Manufacturer: Makeblock
SKU: 13610
Description: Me Micro Switch is a physical switch. It sends a signal to the controller when it is triggered. It is perfect to use in conjunction with makeblock components.
The Me-Micro Switch should be used with Me-RJ25 Adapter.
  Features: • Small and easy to mount • Cable included, no soldering needed • Comes with Arduino library for easy programing • Acrylic bracket to attach these switches to makeblock components   Specification: •Rated voltage:250VAC •Rated current: 5A •Switching Life: 1,000,000 cycles min Dimension:Length:20mm Width:6mm Height:24mm   Part List: 1 x Micro Switch 2 x Self-drilling Screw M2x10 1x Micro Switch Bracket B 1 x Cable   Size Charts(mm): 13610-s1.png   Demo: 13610-d1.jpg13610-d2.jpg 13610-d3.jpg13610-d5.jpg   If you have any questions about this product or if you need technical support, please visit our wiki or post it in our forum.