Me PM2.5 Sensor

Manufacturer: Makeblock
SKU: 11048

Me PM2.5 Sensor

The PM2.5 sensor laser detect atmospheric PM2.5 with laser scattering theory. It features high-precision detection, rapid response and steady operation, with minimal errors. The sensor can detect a range of PM1.0 to PM10.


•Detect atmospheric PM2.5 with laser scattering theory •High-precision detection, rapid response and operation, with minimal errors •Particulate Measurement Range: 0.3 ~ 10 μm •Support mBlock GUI programming •Adopt RJ25 port for easy connection

mBlock – PM2.5 Gas Sensor Extended Instructions

Me PM2.5 sensor supports mBlock programming. If you use the PM2.5 sensor by mBot (mCore mainboard), then you need to install a custom firmware.To install custom firmware, Click here.
After installing the firmware, refer to the following procedure to use the PM2.5 sensor.

Performance Parameters

•Supply Voltage: 5V DC •Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 65°C •Control Mode: Dual-Digital Interface Control •Particulate Measurement Range: 0.3 ~ 10 um •Dimensions (L x W x H)48mm*65mm*24mm

Assembly Procedure

PM2.5 Sensor Schematic Diagram

Click here to download.