MegaPi Shield for 3D Printer

Manufacturer: Makeblock
SKU: 10055

Megapi Shield for 3D Printer

Megapi Shield is one of MegaPi's pinboards and is one of the electronic modules of mGiraffe. It is mainly used to connect LCD module, position-limit switch/socket, fan module, LED module, and temperature sensor, etc. Every electronic module has corresponding port on the shield, so it is very convenient for you to connect them.


• Position-limit socket with three directions: X_STOP, Y_STOP, Z_STOP; • Lowest position-limit socket: Z_MIN; • Two sockets for fan: FAN1 (uncontrollable), FAN2 (controllable); • One socket for LED: LED; • Two sockets for temperature sensor: TO, T1; • Two sockets for LCD: EXP1, EXP2; • One socket for serial port expansion: P17; One socket for I2C expansion: P1.

Electronic modules of mGiraffe:


SKU 10055
Product Name Megapi Shield for 3D Printer
Product Dimension 59 x 30mm (Length * Width)
Net Weight 15g (0.53 oz)