MG995 Standard Servo

Manufacturer: Makeblock
SKU: 80801

Description: MG995 servo is a simple, commonly used standard servo for your mechanical needs such as robotic head, robotic arm. It comes with a stardard 3 pin power and control cable for easy using and metal gears for high torque. A Me RJ25 Adapter also help you to connect the servo with Me Orion easily. SizeChart: 80801-sizechart.jpg PartList: MG995 Standard Servo x 1 Mounting Screw x  1 Four Point Horn x  1 Six Point Horn x  1 Double Arm Horn  x 1 Circle Horn x 1 Rubber Grommets x 4 Phillips Screw x  4 Brass Eyelets x 4 Specification:  Mechanical Specification:

Item Specification
Size 40.4*19.9*37.5mm
Weight 58g
Gear type 5 Metal Gear
Limit angle 180°±5°
Bearing DUAL BB
Horn gear spline  
Horn type Metal
Case Engineering plastics(Polyamide)
Connector wire FP: 240mm±5mm   JR: 300mm±5mm
Motor DC motor
Splash water resistance No

Electrical Specification:

Item Specification
Operat voltage 4.8V
Idle current 5mA
No load speed 0.17sec/60°
Runnig current 350mA
Peak stall torque
Stall current 1500mA

Control Specification:

Item Specification
Command signal Pulse width modification
Amplifier type Digital controller
Pulse width range 5002500usec
Neutral position 1500usec
Running degree 180±2°(when 5002500usec)
Dead band width 4 usec
Rotating direction Counterclockwise (when 5002500usec)