Cyberpi Innovation
Add on pack

CyberPi Innovation Add-on Pack, specially designed for AIoT and Python education and robot competitions, comes with various sensors and hardware components. The pack includes mBuild modules and electronic components, meeting the additional needs of students or teachers for sensors while they’re learning computer science and technology.

Key Features

Motor Pack

It can be used to create simple carts and wheeled structures, such as automatic curtain machines, to bring basic mobility to projects

Servo Pack

It’s used to bring precise control to projects, such as controlling car steering, flexing of a robot, close/open mechanisms (smart trash cans, smart door locks, etc.)

LED Strip Pack

Add dazzling light effects to projects, like a twinkling Christmas tree.

Ultrasonic Sensor

Enable control over hardware projects without touching them. A necessary component in projects like smart trash cans and automatic barrier gates, and also a powerful extension for DIY cars.