Neuron Artist Kit

Neuron is a platform of programmable electronic building blocks suitable for easy creation and intuitive programming. Each Neuron block has a preprogrammed function and can be used without programming. Neuron can also be programmed with flow-based programming in the Neuron app and block-based in mBlock 5.The desing of the blocks allows them to connect together with a sure-fire magnetic pogo-pin system.

Key Features

Six Projects

Children can discover the power of arts by building projects and code the projects to explore more gameplays. Also, the kit enables children to create their own projects with materials used in daily life.

Coding Into Arts

For children, arts can be more than just taking exams.

Language of the Future

It helps prepare children for the future by developing their logical thinking and creativity. And by building arts projects, children get their skills improved in terms of aesthetics, abstract thinking and imagination.