Neuron Explorer Kit

The Neuron Explorer Kit is a new-generation Makeblock product that comes with a variety of programmable electronic blocks. It includes 12 electronic blocks (sound sensor, light sensor, smart power, temperature sensor, etc) and 4 craft materials packs. Using these materials, children can quickly build up five different items, like a car or a piano. What’s even better is that children can code the items to do incredible things using multiple programming languages, like flow-based code, Scratch or Swift. And bundled with game-based tutorials, the Neuron Explorer Kit helps users of all ages to explore the world of code in a fun way.

Key Features

Colour-coded Electronic Block

The Neuron Explorer Kit comes with a variety of colour-coded programmable electronic blocks, including different modules (input -orange, output – blue and energy- green) that also help children explore various scientific principles. 

Sensors and Modules for Fun

Makeblock’s Neuron Explorer Kit features modules such as a sound sensor, a light sensor, a gyro sensor and even a funny touch sensor, allowing children to turn any conductive object (such as a banana) into a touch switch. 

Connect Project via Bluetooth

Alongside the rechargeable power block, the kit also includes a Bluetooth block that can also be used to provide power and connect to programs in the Neuron app. Each module features a magnetic pogo pin connector, a patented interface that makes it impossible to misconnect the modules.