Neuron Creative Lab Kit EN

What is Makeblock Neuron Creative Lab Kit EN? The Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic modules platform that is specially designed for STEAM. It includes 30 different modules, like LED display, camera, ultrasonic sensor, motor, etc. With these modules, children are able to create their own gadgets, tools and toys. What they need to do is simply arranging the modules in the way they want. Also, the flow-based programming software frees children from complicated codes and still enables them to bring their blocks to life. In this way, the blocks can be both fun and useful.

Key Features


Create projects with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things together with mBlock 5 block-based editor.


Neuron’s preprogrammed sensors and actuators are ready to get hands-on with directly out of the box.


The casing and magnetic pogo-pin connection make Neuron very durable, safe and child-friendly


The creative lab 2.0 bundle includes several sets of modules and accessories for project-based learning at schools.